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Specialized Disaster Cost Recovery Training

 All our training programs focus exclusively on the disaster cost recovery aspects of these training topics.

What can the agency do to increase its cost recovery under the Stafford Act?

Our Disaster Cost Recovery Training Programs

Introduction to Disaster Cost Recovery (16 -20 Hours)
Cost Recovery Planning I (4 Hours)
Cost Recovery Planning II (4 Hours)
Damage Assessment (4 Hours)
Damage Assessment Planning (4 Hours)
Debris Management (4 Hours & 8 Hours)
Disaster Pay / Employee Feeding & Housing (4 Hours)
Legal Issues (Real Estate Contracts & Insurance) (4 Hours)
Project Worksheet Preparation (8 Hours)
Pre-Disaster Photo Documentation (3 Hours)
Purchasing/Procurement Compliance (6 Hours)
Risk Management (4 Hours)
Volunteers and Donations / Victim’s Services (4 Hours)
Work and Activity Documentation Plan (4 Hours)
Work Process Flow (4 Hours)


Mike was excellent, and extremely well-prepared.  One of the best courses in my 30 years in government service."

R. Jolly Brown,

Retired Army Officer

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